Our Mission: To Inspire and Equip Artists, Designers and Teachers

Inventanew is the culmination of over 10 years of teaching technology, art and design to grades kindergarten through adult education. Our goal is to inspire makers to create, and equip teachers to inspire future makers. We aim to encourage curiousity and inspiration to remix the world around you, fostering a mindset that enjoys experimenting with different possibilities, being persistant and taking creative risks while using purposeful methods.

Providing A Complete Art and Design Curriculum for Teachers

popart It can be challenging for creative arts teachers to find, compile and scaffold a curriculum that is clear, concise and differentiated. Our tools provide projects that teachers can use to teach traditional art, graphic design, multimedia, design thinking and technology integration with the arts. Our goal is to provide an extensive curriculum that will reach all students and give teachers a well organized structure that can be used at any level.