Hi, We are looking to build an Innovation Center in Columbia County Georgia where anyone can learn how to successfully run an organic garden or farm, build an off grid home and build machines needed for civilization. It will be a workshop to build new things, an organic farm to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables and an off-grid model home. Most importantly, it will be an educational hub to learn and work with others to solve the world's most pressing issues with online and in person training. The goal is to build a system that God intended, to use and share the resources He made for us so that everyone's needs are met. (Acts 2:44).

Our free online gardening course is the first step to provide the highest quality agricultural education.

The course uses JADAM, a tried and true organic farming method from Korea and is used world wide by tens of thousands. Learn how to run an organic garden that's cost effective, automated, weed and pest free and can scale to any size.

We will collaborate with and utilize Open Source Ecology's Global Village Construction Kit to build open source machines and eco- homes.

Open Source Ecology has been developing open source industrial machines for years that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and they share all the designs online for free. They are working on building more off grid 'Seed Eco' homes this year.